Resources for Oil and Gas Royalty and Mineral Owners

Resources for mineral and royalty owners – they are all over the internet but some of them are more reputable than others.  As I continue to develop PetroBlog, when I come across reputable websites that may be particularly useful to oil and gas mineral and royalty owners, I will post links to them here.  Please note that I don’t necessarily endorse everything on these sites, but I think much of the content is accurate and useful.

Royalty owner resourcesOf course, my first endorsement has to be for Petrolitix, the company which I co-founded.  Right now, through our royalty forecasts, we help oil and gas royalty owners better understand what their royalty payments will be in the future.  Perhaps best of all, we don’t try to buy your royalties or minerals!

The American Petroleum Institute is a very important non-profit organization in the petroleum industry.  It not only educates the public about the oil and gas industry, but it also develops standard certifications for safety, equipment, and operations.

The National Association of Royalty Owners is a great organization that educates and represents mineral and royalty owners.

Energy4me is a fantastic resource developed by the Society of Petroleum Engineers to educate the public about the oil and gas industry.